Too Much Talk

Am I writing for the praise I get or because I want to express some of my inner feelings?


1. Take full responsibility.
2. Try things and fail.
3. Cut down on distractions.
4. Commit and focus.
5. Realize that nobody cares.
6. Enjoy the process.

What’s the point stretching them for a few more pageviews?

Too much talk can be an excuse to not going out and gettings things done.

At the end of the day…

Who is still working hard and who is scrolling on Facebook?

Who is back home having dinner with family and who is in the office punching the clock?

Who is not caring about what people think and who is trying to look cool and impress others?

Who is just focusing on his goal and who is talking non-stop?

It’s not hard to tell the difference.

We can read, we can write, we can talk, we can study and we can meditate.

But none of it makes sense unless we put in the work.

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