I have yet to meet a hungry youngster.

I’m looking around trying to find that ambition that makes an entrepreneur spend entire nights in front of a computer [1].

Or that resilience that makes one salesman go through a thousand rejections [2].

Or that commitment that makes a rapper put out 11 self-produced albums before even having a soundcloud [3].

Where’s it? Nowhere.

It is destroyed by all the tv series that you watch and then tell me about.

I’m so sick of hearing “you should watch that and that”.

Most people I appreciate are over 30.

I have yet to meet a guy in his 20s that would make me jealous.

Jealous because I’m not as dedicated as him.

But people prefer spending their 20s watching tv series and scrolling on Facebook.

And that’s fine.

I’ll go through the pain by myself. Guided by the advice of my friends over 30 when I slip.

And if all goes wrong I hope I’ll laugh because that’s just life…

“Daniel, you’re too serious, man. Take a break. Go enjoy more life.”

They all listen to pop stars.

No more Jay, Em or Dre.

Now it’s Thug, Chainz and Drake.

Yet, they still miss the point…

First thing they say is, “I know you need a break.”
Hell naw, I feel great, ready now, why wait?

[1] Your favourite entrepeneur doesn’t share quotes, memes and youtube videos.

[2] The most successful salesman I met got rejected more than anyone else I know.

[3] Russ.

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