taraf de haidouks

Are you complaining about the money?

Maybe you’d like to hear about the homeless people I met last night.

The ones that can’t find a job although they’d be ready to work day and night for it.

The ones that don’t know how to use the computer or what the internet really is.

The ones that are much closer to their death than you are to your birth.

The ones that can’t afford a rent for Chrissake!

100/100 times I’d rather buy them beers and talk some non-sense for a few hours than letting you buy me a beer.


Because they keep it 100 and you’re not.

Never forget where you came from.

That neighbourhood where B used to steal things from unknown faces to get money to buy cigarettes.

That neighbourhood where B called 112 saying there’s a bomb in school just so he avoids an exam.

That neighbourhood where B got beaten and then he came out with a baseball bat and no sign of anxiety.

Nobody messed with him after that episode.

That neighbourhood where you were just a kid playing soccer with the big boys and B was protecting you.

But B left for work in Italy and you have never seen each other.

Or maybe forget where you came from.

Because all kids from that neighbourhood and all the homeless people I met last night had similar opportunities as you had.

But they preferred booze and drugs instead of mathematics and hard work.

They preferred taking tequila shots instead of shooting stars.

So, tell me, what are you going to do when you get the promotion that you wish for?

Are you going to start wearing suits and ignoring people?

Are you going to stop cracking jokes because you might upset somebody and now you have much more to lose than before?

How are you going to treat the supermarket cashier or the taxi driver?

Are you going to respect all people regardless of their job title or are you going to put tags on everybody?

Are you going to keep on trying to impress everyone or are you going to remain yourself?

More importantly, how are you going to treat the ones that helped you to get where you are?

Are you going to pay your respect or are you going to say that it was only your effort that got you here?

If you lose it all, are you going to blame it on others and get depressed or are you going to laugh in the face of adversity?

Just some random questions.

No need to answer as I’m still not trying to change anyone.

Just myself.

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