To not think about what to write. Realize that when you think too much about it, you chase the praise. Go do things in real life and ideas will come to you.

To not obsess over the digits. Keep on hustling, but don’t give up your life. Many don’t see that the goal is not money. The goal is freedom. But many get lost in chasing power and status – low confidence. Others hate and say they don’t need anything – ego protection.

To not live with baggages. I burned 3 notebooks full of teenage’s inner thoughts and experiences. Too much stuff to carry around.

To forgive your father. Hate? Contempt? Whatever it might be, it’s too heavy to carry around.

To be honest with oneself. That’s freedom.

To admit some articles came out of rage, some out of inaction.

I look around and I see my old mates – still the same. What’s the point of working with no progress? But I let them do whatever they want to do. Meanwhile, I just move on.

To go and speak with the beautiful blonde girl that just walked past you.

To relax your shoulders and empty your mind. That’s what your swimming coach keeps on telling you. A few months ago you didn’t know him.

Now you start to experience the flow.

To not care if it takes 6 months or 6 years. Just keep on being committed.

To feel you made progress today.

But then tomorrow comes and you find yourself starting all over again.

No pain, no gain.

They ask why the sacrifices, why the whining, why the silence?

Let them ask.

You just try to find again the flow.

In the swimming pool. In the streets. In the work you put in.

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