Consistency Beats Perfection


I installed an app called Productive 3 months ago. You select some activities and how often you want to do them and the app will remind you of them. I’m using it for 3 habits: reading, writing and doing push-ups.

Short summary: I started well in January, slipped because of the confusion in February and got back on track in March.

I did 100+ push-ups for 15 times during the last 31 days. How many times I didn’t feel like doing it? Probably 15. But I just did them so I could mark the task as completed.

Anyway. I felt like I should write some practical information in the intro, because the rest of the article is only theory.

The bigger your ego, the harder is going to be to accept reality when it slaps you in the face.

If you really want to be free, let go of everything. Let go of your dreams, let go of logic, let go of what others say.

Embrace the chaos. But don’t make the chaos an excuse to not focus.

Consistency beats perfection. I think Conor McGregor knows this better.

My former manager told me I’m thinking myself as a character in a game, trying to collect artifacts and building my skills in order to reach that “perfect” level. I can’t lie to myself. He was right.

I like being in control. Life is a chess game and I’m trying to think a few moves ahead. But life is also a poker game and you have to make the best of whatever cards you receive. Either way, you have to play game after game in order to win big.

Consistency beats perfection. I think Daniel Negreanu knows this better.

Getting started is not hard. Go watch a guy who couldn’t make it in life and is now selling motivational seminars telling others how to be successful.

He will get you pumped up and you might go work on a plan. Then reality will kick in a few weeks later and you’ll give up.

Everybody is starting strong. The more emotionally invested you are, the more energy you’ll waste. I think Floyd Mayweather’s opponents know this better.

I came back to Romania to break myself. I had no idea what I asked for.

I’m now having my last weekend in Bucharest.

3 more days and I’m going back home.

3 more weeks and I might leave the country.

3 more months and I might be so focused I’ll miss McGregor vs. Mayweather.

3 more years and I might feel like I’m on a whole new level.

Or not. Who cares?

Less emotion, more action.

Less dreaming, more failing.

Less talk, more work.

Because consistency beats perfection.

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