Back to Basics

“But first there was life, hidden beneath the blah, blah, blah…” (Jep Gambardella)

I am not a big fan of goals.

The more you plan, the less you achieve.

However, you need to have some systems or targets if you want to become better at something.

2017 already started for me and my overall goal is simple:

Cut down on most things and focus on the basics.

That means:

1. Less reading, but more deep.

I plan on reading maximum 10 books compared to 25 in 2016.

However, by practicing deep work I want to learn about AI & Machine learning.

2. Less work, but more focused.

I dropped one idea I had about starting a personal project related to journalism.

The main reason is simple: opportunity cost.

So the only work I’m going to do is my sales job / career.

3. Less social media, but more networking.

I don’t consume much social media, but I do it more than I should anyway.

Fortunately, dropping the personal project idea will free a few hours a week which otherwise would have been spent on research and marketing.

Thus, I want to do less and say “no” more.

Is this a SMART goal? No, it might actually be pretty dumb.

Who cares as long as…

…doing sales and networking will improve my soft skills?

…studying more technical stuff will develop my ability to concentrate?

…less social media will give me more time to connect?

I want nothing more for now.

Am I excited about the new year?

Just as much as I am about the next week.

Improving is a constant, non-linear process.

Thus, I don’t expect big changes.

Just more focus.

Less blah, blah…

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