1st Day Off

THE GREAT ESCAPE, Steve McQueen, 1963.

Mark Zuckerberg on the day of Facebook’s IPO: “I just want to say a few things, and then we’ll ring this bell and then we’ll get back to work.”


I saw a kid trying to convince a lady to buy him something at a fast food. He managed to do it, got a nice sandwich, put in the bag and went outside. Less than a minute later he was asking people at the tram station for money. Then he went across the street and stopped each person passing by. The kid was in full mode hustling.

Meanwhile, a beggar not far away was sitting and waiting next to a trash with an empty money box in front of him. I guess he was too lazy to make money.

Many people are trying to make it out here, but nobody wants to put in the effort. They all want a shortcut.

From the lady who sells flowers at 5x the price after midnight to the schoolboy asking “honestly” for some money because he wants to buy a beer.

I can’t stand them because they are all looking to cheat.

I’ll give the kid some credit though. At least he was not too smart to fail. He was focused on getting his thing. It’s not his fault that he got the wrong education. Most people have a good education and just sit and wait for things to come to them.


It’s my first day with no job.

For the first time in three a half years I don’t know for sure where I’m going to be next month.

How am I feeling? Hungry.

Why? Because I’m already ready to work hard.

But I have to play my cards right.

I can’t switch jobs once again in six months.

I have to commit to something and give it everything I have.

Some say…

“Take a holiday and go enjoy yourself”.

I don’t need no holiday.

I can go to the countryside, wake up at 5am, go work on the field, eat some homemade cheese with tomatoes at lunch and then go back to work until 5pm.

Then I can go home, play a few chess matches, drink a beer and discuss nonsense with old people.

It would be a great day and at the end of it I’d feel like the world is mine.

I don’t need no beach or mountain. I have too much energy to take it easy.

But I know I have to relax, choose my priorities and then just focus.

Just focus.

Others say…

I don’t open up enough.

I hope letting more out within these articles is not going to screw me.

But even if it did, I would be just another lesson learned the hard way.

That’s how I learned most of the things during the last couple of months anyway.

All I know is...

It’s my first day off the job and I’m ready to go back to work.

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